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Life Insurance Comdex Rankings 2014-Insurers 250 to 500

Life Insurance Comdex Rankings 2014-Insurers 250 to 500

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Life Insurance Comdex Rankings 2014-Insurers 250 to 500

This list of Life Insurance Comdex Rankings 2014-Insurers 250 to 500 is a continuation of Life Insurance Comdex Rankings-Top 250 Rated Companies in 2014 post.  Many of the life insurance companies on this list, unlike the previous list, do not have a Comdex ranking; meaning they have only received one or have not received a rating from one of the four main rating agencies.

Why Are Financial Ratings Important?

Financial ratings provide an independent third-party evaluation to help determine the ability of the life insurer to live up to its financial responsibilities to the policyholder.  What is the point of paying for life insurance if they may not be around to payout a potential future claim?  This is why it’s vital to know the financial rating before deciding on a company.

A.M. Best Rating Chart

As a reference, be sure to check out the A.M. Best Rating Chart 2014 to give a meaning to each rating.

For the first 250 rated life insurers, click here

Company Name, State, A.M. Best, S&P, Moody’s, Fitch, Comdex

251 Colonial Penn Life Ins PA B++ BBB Baa3 BBB 54

252 Fidelity & Guaranty Life Ins MD B++ BBB- Ba1 BBB 53

253 Continental General Ins Co OH B++ A+ 53

254 Bankers Conseco Life Ins NY B++ BBB BBB 51

255 Fidelity & Guar Life Ins Co NY NY B++ BBB- BBB 50

256 Investors Ins Corp DE B++ A 50

257 Humana Ins of Puerto Rico Inc PR B++ A 50

258 Aviva Life & Ann Co IA B++ A- 47

259 Security Benefit Life Ins Co KS B++ A- 47

260 Conseco Life Ins Co IN B- B Ba1 BB+ 47

261 Aviva Life & Ann Co of NY NY B++ A- 47

262 Kanawha Ins Co SC B++ A- 47

263 MedAmerica Ins Co PA B++ A- 47

264 MedAmerica Ins Co of New York NY B++ A- 47

265 First Security Benefit L&A NY NY

266 MedAmerica Ins Co of Florida FL B++ A- 47

267 EquiTrust Life Ins Co IA B++ BBB+ 44

268 Athene Ann & Life Assur Co DE B++ BBB+ 44

269 United Teacher Associates Ins TX B++ BBB 44

270 Health Net Life Ins Co CA B++ BBB 44

271 Pyramid Life Ins Co KS B++ BBB 44

272 American Progressive L&H NY NY B++ BBB 44

273 Phoenix Life Ins Co NY B BB- Ba2 42

274 PHL Variable Ins Co CT B BB- Ba2 42

275 Union Labor Life Ins Co MD B++ BBpi 42

276 American Pioneer Life Ins Co FL B+ BBB 38

277 Guarantee Trust Life Ins Co IL B+ BBpi 36

278 New Era Life Ins Co TX B+ Bpi 35

279 New Era Life Ins Co Midwest TX B+ Bpi 35

280 Equitable Life & Casualty UT B Bpi 32

281 Union Fidelity Life Ins Co KS A-

282 CMFG Life Ins Co IA A

283 Modern Woodmen of America IL A+

284 Woodmen of the World Life Soc NE A+

285 Guggenheim Life & Ann Co DE B++

286 Farm Bureau Life Ins Co IA A-

287 Farmers New World Life Ins Co WA A

288 Brooke Life Ins Co MI A+

289 Philadelphia Finl Life Assur PA A-

290 Presidential Life Ins Co NY B++

291 Kansas City Life Ins Co MO A

292 Continental Assur Co IL A-

293 Beneficial Life Ins Co UT A-

294 Aurora National Life Assur CA

295 Security Mutual Life of NY NY A-

296 Assurity Life Ins Co NE A-

297 Jefferson National Life Ins Co TX B+

298 Cigna Arbor Life Ins Co CT NR

299 Physicians Mutual Ins Co NE A

300 Reinsurance Co of Missouri MO

301 United Life Ins Co IA A-

302 LifeCare Assur Co AZ

303 SBLI USA Mutual Life Ins Co NY NR

304 Centurion Life Ins Co IA NR

305 Gleaner Life Ins Society MI A-

306 Blue Cross & Blue Shield KS KS A

307 Alfa Life Ins Corp AL A

308 Illinois Mutual Life Ins Co IL B++

309 Catholic Financial Life WI NR

310 Physicians Life Ins Co NE A

311 Columbian Mutual Life Ins Co NY A-

312 Farm Family Life Ins Co NY A

313 GBU Financial Life PA B++

314 AXA Corporate Solutions Life Re DE B++

315 Boston Mutual Life Ins Co MA A-

316 Sagicor Life Ins Co TX A-

317 Amica Life Ins Co RI A+

318 EMC National Life Co IA A-

319 Baltimore Life Ins Co MD B++

320 Catholic Life Ins TX A-

321 Greek Catholic Union of USA PA NR

322 American Health & Life Ins TX A-

323 Oxford Life Ins Co AZ B++

324 Liberty Bankers Life Ins Co OK B

325 Catholic Order of Foresters IL B++

326 Conseco Life Ins Co of Texas TX

327 Funeral Directors Life Ins Co TX A-

328 Texas Life Ins Co TX A

329 Royal Neighbors of America IL A-

330 Household Life Ins Co of AZ AZ

331 Western United Life Assur Co WA B+

332 Monarch Life Ins Co MA E

333 United Fidelity Life Ins Co TX

334 First Catholic Slovak Ladies OH A-

335 Ozark National Life Ins Co MO MO A-

336 Reliance Standard Life of TX TX

337 Investors Life of North Amer TX B+

338 WEA Ins Corporation WI BBpi

 339 Automobile Club of Sthrn CA Life CA A-

340 National Slovak Society of US PA NR-5

341 CICA Life Ins Co of America CO

342 First Health Life & Health Ins TX A

343 Universal Life Ins Co PR B++

344 Family Heritage Life of Amer OH A

345 ELCO Mutual Life & Ann IL B

346 Merit Life Ins Co IN B

347 United Heritage Life Ins Co ID A-

348 Great Western Ins Co UT B++

349 Pioneer Mutual Life Ins Co ND A+

350 HM Life Ins Co PA A-

351 National Benefit Life Ins Co NY A+

352 Triple-S Vida Inc PR B++

353 Guaranty Income Life Ins Co LA B

354 Farm Bureau Life Ins Co of MO MO A-

355 Security National Life Ins Co UT

356 Investors Heritage Life Ins Co KY B+

357 Mutual Savings Life Ins Co AL A-

358 American Fidelity Life Ins Co FL B++

359 Fidelity Life Association IL A-

360 Household Life Ins Co MI NR

361 Polish Nat’l Alliance of US NA IL NR-5

362 London Life Reins Co PA A

363 Family Service Life Ins Co TX A

364 Harleysville Life Ins Co PA A-

365 Croatian Fraternal Union PA NR-5

366 Everence Association Inc IN NR-5

367 Cooperativa de Seguros de Vida PR C++

368 Pacific Beacon Life Reassur HI A-

369 Sentinel Security Life Ins Co UT B++

370 Settlers Life Ins Co WI A-

371 Sunset Life Ins Co of America MO A-

372 Educators Life Ins of America IL

373 National Farm Life Ins Co TX B++

374 National Teachers Associates TX A-

375 Trans World Assur Co CA B++

376 Continental American Ins Co SC A+

377 Sons of Norway MN NR-5

378 Unimerica Ins Co WI A

379 Cotton States Life Ins Co GA A-

380 World Ins Co NE NR

381 Manhattan Life Ins Co NY B+

382 American Life & Acc of KY KY

383 Security Plan Life Ins Co LA

384 American Slovenian Cath Union IL NR-5

385 Union Bankers Ins Co TX B+

386 Park Avenue Life Ins Co DE A

387 First Catholic Slovak Union OH

388 Central United Life Ins Co AR B+

389 State Mutual Ins Co GA B+

390 William Penn Association PA B++

391 MEGA Life & Health Ins Co OK B++

 392 Church Life Ins Corporation NY A-

393 Western Fraternal Life Assoc IA NR-5

394 COUNTRY Investors Life Assur IL A+

395 National Security Life & Ann NY A

396 Occidental Life Ins Co of NC TX A-

397 5 Star Life Ins Co LA A-

398 Old American Ins Co MO B++

399 Best Meridian Ins Co FL A-

400 American-Amicable Life Ins TX TX A-

401 Great Southern Life Ins Co TX B+

402 Sons of Hermann in Texas TX

403 Colorado Bankers Life Ins Co CO A

404 Capitol Life Ins Co TX B

405 American Home Life Ins Co KS B++

406 SPJST TX B 407 National Farmers Union Life TX B+

408 United Transportation Union OH NR

409 Forethought National Life Ins TX

410 Nippon Life Ins Co of Amer IA A-

411 United States Letter Carriers TN NR-5

412 Degree of Honor Protect Assoc MN

413 IA American Life Ins Co TX A-

414 Companion Life Ins Co SC A+

415 Philadelphia American Life Ins TX B+

416 NYLIFE Ins Co of Arizona AZ A++

417 Slovene National Benefit Soc PA NR

418 Woman’s Life Ins Society MI NR

419 Household Life Ins Co of DE DE

420 Manhattan National Life Ins Co IL A-

421 4 Ever Life Ins Co IL A-

422 Ukrainian National Assoc NJ

423 Loyal Christian Benefit Assoc PA NR-5

424 Athene Life Ins Co DE NR

425 Bankers Life Ins Co FL B

426 LifeSecure Ins Co MI NR

427 Unified Life Ins Co TX B++

428 First United American Life Ins NY A+

429 National Catholic of Foresters IL NR-5

430 Union Security Life Ins NY NY A-

431 Caterpillar Life Ins Co MO

432 Universal Underwriters Life KS A

433 Berkley Life & Health Ins Co IA A+

434 North Carolina Mutual Life Ins NC C++

435 Family Life Ins Co TX B+

436 Unity Financial Life Ins Co OH B++

437 North Coast Life Ins Co WA B+

438 United Security Assur Co of PA PA B-

439 Jamestown Life Ins Co VA

440 Eagle Life Ins Co IA A-

441 Old Republic Life Ins Co IL B++

442 Police & Firemen’s Assoc IN NR-5

443 CSA Fraternal Life IL NR-5

444 Multinational Life Ins Co PR B+

445 Delaware American Life Ins Co DE A

446 Bankers Fidelity Life Ins Co GA A-

447 Charter National Life Ins Co IL B++

448 HumanaDental Ins Co WI A-

449 Catholic Holy Family Society IL NR-5

450 LifeWise Assur Co WA A-

451 Garden State Life Ins Co TX A

452 Reserve National Ins Co OK A-

453 National Income Life Ins NY A+

454 Professional Ins Co TX B++

455 Columbia Capital Life Reins Co DC NR

456 Atlantic Coast Life Ins Co SC B+

457 Portuguese Fraternal Soc of Am CA NR

458 Optimum Re Ins Co TX A-

459 Mid-West National Life of TN TX B++

460 Life Ins Co of Boston & NY NY A-

461 Life Ins Co of Alabama AL B+

462 Supreme Council Royal Arcanum MA

463 Celtic Ins Co IL NR

464 American Continental Ins Co TN A

465 Southern Financial Life Ins Co LA

466 American Underwriters Life Ins AZ B

467 Southern Life & Health Ins. Co WI

468 Pioneer Security Life Ins Co TX A-

469 Amalgamated Life Ins Co NY A

470 Luso-American Life Ins Society CA NR

471 LifeMap Assur Co OR A-

472 Pharmacists Life Ins Co IA NR

473 Old United Life Ins Co AZ A

474 Parker Centennial Assur Co WI A+

475 Security Life Ins Co of Amer MN B++

476 American Benefit Life OK B

477 Christian Fidelity Life Ins Co TX B++

478 Central Security Life Ins Co TX

479 Life of the South Ins Co GA B++

480 United Home Life Ins Co IN A-

481 HM Life Ins Co NY NY A-

482 Popular Life Re PR B+

483 Mutual Beneficial Assoc Inc DE

484 Citizens Fidelity Ins Co AR

485 First Berkshire Hathaway Life NY A+

486 Germania Life Ins Co TX B++

487 LifeShield National Ins Co OK B++

488 American Maturity Life Ins Co CT A-

489 Woodmen of the World CO

490 American Modern Life Ins Co OH A-

491 Constitution Life Ins Co TX B+

492 EPIC Life Ins Co WI

493 Balboa Life Ins Co CA A-

494 Polish Womens Alliance of Amer IL

495 Cincinnati Equitable Life OH B+

496 Perico Life Ins Co DE NR AA

497 Medico Ins Co NE B++

498 CompBenefits Ins Co TX A-

499 Atlanta Life Ins Co GA B-

500 Service Life & Casualty Ins Co TX NR


It’s important to know your life insurance company’s financial rating.  You want to have the peace of mind knowing a third party rating agency deemed your insurer financially solvent and will be around to payout a future claim in a timely manner.  To receive quotes and compare the rates from the Life Insurance Comdex Rankings 2014-Insurers 250 to 500, click on the green button below.


*Ratings as of December 2013