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Esurance Life Insurance Review

Esurance Life Insurance Review

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Esurance Life Insurance Review 2016

Pros:  Instant Quotes– The life insurance quote engine on Esurance’s website (which is through a third party agency called Efinancial) offers instant life insurance quotes from several of the nation’s top life insurance companies.  Offers Several Highly Rated Insurers– The quote engine on Esurance’s (Efinancial’s) website shows the prices for about a half a dozen of the top life insurers such as: American General (AIG), Voya, Transamerica, Prudential Life and Fidelity Life.

Cons:  Esurance Doesn’t Offer Life Insurance– Unfortunately, for those looking for a life insurance policy with Esurance will be disappointed to learn that Esurance itself doesn’t sell life insurance.  When you request a life insurance quote on the Esurance site you get redirected to the Efinancial quote engine page.  Quote Engine Bias– Also, the quote engine on the Esurance site (Efinancial site) seems to often put as “Our Pick” is the Fidelity Life Hybrid Term product, (Efinanical is owned by Fidelity Life). The Hybrid Term policy was not the best priced policy available nor does the company have an A.M. Best financial rating as high as the other companies in their quote results. Missing Top Carriers– Lastly, we noticed the quote engine on the Esurance/Efinancial site was missing the rates from some of the top life insurance companies in America such as MetLife, Mutual of Omaha, Banner Life, Protective Life, and SBLI.

Bottom Line:  While Esurance is one of the top auto insurance companies in America they do not themselves offer life insurance. They simply allow Efinanical, a life insurance agency based in Washington state, owned by Fidelity Life to offer you their products and services on the Esurance website.  As stated on the Esurance website, “Life insurance is offered through unaffiliated partners of Esurance. Esurance does not underwrite, provide customer service, or process or pay claims on these products.” As with all the companies we review, we recommend that you receive a life insurance quote from Esurance and from the other top companies or agencies and choose the best policy for you.


Founded: 1988

Type: Subsidiary of Allstate

Underwritten by: Each insurer’s respective company

Website: esurance.com

Phone: (866) 761-5612

A.M Best Rating: Will depend on the life insurance selected

Comdex Ranking: Will depend on the life insurance selected

BBB Rating: A+ (Efinancial) A- (Esurance)

Companies Listed on the Quote Engine: Protective Life, Transamerica, AIG-American General, ING and Fidelity Life.