February, 25 2018


Life insurance reviews, news and prices from the top companies

New York Life vs. MetLife vs. Prudential vs. AIG

New York Life vs. MetLife vs. Prudential vs. AIG           In this article I wanted to compare side-by-side some of the top life insurance companies in America today. Many shoppers in the market for life insurance seek the rates from these four companies in particular; New York, MetLife, Prudential and AIG. This is because the aforementioned companies are some of the most well-known in the United States and have been in business for over 125 years. So which company is best? How are they rated? How do their rates compare? Which one should you choose? Let’s take a closer look.   Financial Rating by A.M. Best New York Life              MetLife         Prudential                  AIG A++               ...

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Best Mortgage Life Insurance Companies

The best mortgage life insurance companies provide peace of mind that if you unexpectedly pass away your loved ones will be able to pay off the mortgage balance, erasing the burden of most people’s largest debt. Best Mortgage Life Insurance Companies 2015 While most people are familiar with how a mortgage works, choosing the best mortgage life insurance policy to protect your loved ones is not as well known.  This article will help you navigate the seas of mortgage protection and help you find one of the best mortgage insurance companies in America.   Mortgage Life Insurance Mortgage life insurance is a product typically sold by the mortgage lender or other specialty insurance company that pays off your mortgage...

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