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Best Life Insurance Companies for High Blood Pressure in 2015

Best Life Insurance Companies for High Blood Pressure in 2015

The best life insurance companies for high blood pressure in 2015 (hypertension) offer cheaper rates due to their underwriting criteria for this condition.

High blood pressure (hypertension) can be a serious health condition if left untreated.  Damage to the arteries, heart, brain, and kidneys are possible repercussions of not controlling hypertension.  Fortunately, with advances in medicine, today high blood pressure is a very treatable condition and for some insurers won’t affect your rating category.

The CDC reports that an estimated 68 million adults have high blood pressure or are treating their hypertension with a blood pressure lowering medication such as Lisinopril, Norvasc, beta blockers or a water pill.  That’s roughly a third of the adult U.S. population.  Fortunately, an applicant that has a history high blood pressure or is currently on a high blood pressure lowering drug can still qualify for an excellent life insurance rate if they choose the right company.

Best Life Insurance Companies for High Blood Pressure in 2015

Protective LifeApplicant is eligible for the best rating class if blood pressure readings over the past two years were not greater than 135/85.  Also, if the applicant is taking a blood pressure lowering drug, the hypertension must have been under control for at least a year to be eligible for the top rate class.

Banner Life (Legal & General)- Allows applicant to still qualify for best rating class if their blood pressure is controlled with or without a medication as long as the average reading over the past two years did not exceed 136/86.

Genworth LifeThe best health class is still possible if the applicant is currently being treated or has been treated for high blood pressure.  The average reading just cannot be greater than 135/85 for applicants under 50 and for those over 50 cannot exceed a reading of 140/85.

ING, American General & Transamerica– All three companies allow the applicant to be remain eligible for their best rating class as long as their blood pressure reading now is or was never greater than 135/85.  Also, the applicant must have never received treatment for hypertension with a medication.  If applicant was on a high blood pressure medication in the past, it’s best to look at the companies above on this list to remain eligible for the top rating class.

The companies listed above are for non-smokers.  If the applicant does smoke they will remain eligible for an excellent rate with high blood pressure as long as it’s under control.


Great rates with high blood pressure

If you currently have or had high blood pressure that is under control there are cheap rates that are available as long as you choose the right company.  Make sure you receive multiple rate estimates if you had or are being treated for hypertension.  The difference in premiums will be substantial from one company to the next.  Fortunately, the best life insurance companies in 2015 for those with high blood pressure or are receiving treatment for hypertension can qualify for the top rating classes which means cheaper premiums.

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