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Best Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics 2016

Best Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics 2016

Best Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics 2016

Until recently, securing an affordable life insurance policy as a diabetic was very difficult to say the least.  Many diabetics would not qualify for life insurance or when they did the premiums would be exorbitant to compensate for increased risk of the condition.  Fortunately in 2016, certain companies have reevaluated their diabetic underwriting guidelines making it much easier and much cheaper for diabetics to secure life insurance.

Best Life Insurance Companies for Diabetics 2016

The best life insurance companies for diabetics 2016 offer favorable underwriting guidelines, low premiums and are highly rated by A.M. Best.  These companies have examined the risks associated with diabetes and its impact on life expectancy and have favorably adjusted their guidelines making life insurance much more affordable.  In fact, in 2016 certain insurers will rate a diabetic applicant at the preferred, standard plus or standard rate health class (preferred rates are for seniors).  In contrast, just a few years ago the best rate a diabetic could hope for would be a substandard rating (which are the health classes below average and a much higher premium).

So who has the best rates for a diabetic in 2016?  Let’s take a look.

Banner Life– Banner Life often has the best rates and underwriting for diabetics in the country.  For those diagnosed over age 50 and have a well controlled A1c reading in the 6’s, Banner Life will offer an standard plus rate.  Banner also offers standard rates for those diagnosed over 40 and great rates for those diagnosed in their 30’s.  Banner Life also allows insulin diabetics great rates and those with elevated blood sugar.

American General Life (AIG)– American General-AIG has very favorable diabetic underwriting guidelines in 2016.  In fact, even applicants with an elevated A1C or those on insulin may still be qualify for an affordable rate with American General.  A well-controlled diabetic can expect to receive an average, non-diabetic rate.  Even those who with elevated blood sugar or early onset can receive a good price and will benefit from AIG’s competitive table rate pricing.

Voya Financial-ReliaStar Life Insurance Company– Voya Financial, underwritten by ReliaStar Life Insurance company pushed the envelope when they announced seniors diagnosed over the age of 60 with well-controlled diabetics would be eligible for the preferred health class.  This is great news for seniors diagnosed later in life.

Prudential Life Insurance– Prudential has favorable guidelines for overweight diabetics and those with A1c (blood sugar) readings in the 6’s.

John Hancock Life Insurance John Hancock allows type II well-controlled diabetics over the age of 60 to qualify for preferred rate similar to Voya Financial.

Sagicor and ANICO– Offer well-controlled diabetics life insurance without a medical exam.  However, the rates will be significantly cheaper for diabetics if you do take the medical exam but for who want to bypass the exam these companies are a good choice.

Diabetic underwriting guidelines are fluid.  They are constantly evolving to keep pace with the advances in diabetic medicine and diabetic life expectancy statistics.  Diabetic rates are the lowest they have ever been.  Obtaining life insurance with diabetes or pre diabetes can be very affordable or even cheap, especially in comparison to just a few years ago.  Most well-controlled diabetics can now qualify for a non diabetic rating class if they choose the right company.  No longer will medications such as Metformin or insulin prevent you from obtaining a good rate on life insurance in 2016.

Many other companies are starting to underwrite diabetes more favorable especially if the A1c is in the 6’s in 2016.  However, the companies listed above are proven to offer top diabetic rates.

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