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American General Life Insurance Review

American General Life Insurance Review

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(AIG) American General Life Insurance Review


Pros: Competitive prices, favorable underwriting guidelines for consumers, best prices in certain areas- diabetics and table rates, number one for customer satisfaction survey in 2013 on insure.com and have stability as their roots date back to 1850.  Claims- American General Life Companies have paid out over $38 billion in claims and benefits over the past 5 years.  In addition, their parent company- AIG is one of the most well-known and recognizable insurance companies in the World.

Cons: There are not many cons with American General.   Minor drawbacks would include the fact that they use electronic delivery of their life insurance policies which means insured’s don’t receive a hard copy in the mail unless they ask.

Bottom Line: American General Life Insurance Company (AIG’s domestic life insurance company and subsidiary) is one of the top life insurers in America in 2016.  With recent rate reductions, they now have some of the best prices in the county.  If you have diabetes or are table rated for a health issue, on a blood pressure medication such as Lisinopril or have sleep apnea American General will have some of the best if not the best rate available.  American General is also easy to find. They own Matrix Direct/AIG Direct which is one of the largest term life insurance call centers in America and also have brick and mortar buildings and agents across America.



Type: Public-Subsidiary of AIG

Underwriter: American General Life Insurance Company (American General Life) and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life)

Founded: 1850

Website: americangeneral.com

Phone: (800) 231-3655

Address: PO BOX 4373, Houston, TX 77210

A.M Best Rating 2016: A (Excellent) Third highest of 16 possible ratings

Comdex Ranking: 80 out of 100

BBB Rating: A+

Competition: New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, Mass Mutual, John Hancock, Principal, State Farm, Allstate, Ohio National Life, SBLI, Banner Life, Protective Life, Primerica, State Farm, USAA, Genworth Life, Pacific Life Insurance, North American Co, Lincoln National Life, ING-ReliaStar, Transamerica, Prudential.


How Does American General Life Insurance Prices Compare to the Competition?

Sample prices for a 50-year old male on a 20-year term at the preferred plus rate class (updated 2016):

AmountAmerican General LifeMutual of OmahaMetLifeJohn HancockNationwide


(AIG) American General Life Insurance Review 2016

Buy it or skip it?

American General Life (AIG) is an excellent company.  With their recent rate reductions, AIG is right there at the top of the list for having the best prices on many term of their policies.  If you are diabetic or have a major health issue they usually have the best price.  Also, American General is highly rated by A.M. Best.  When looking to purchase life insurance American General is a company you must check out.


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American General Life Insurance Company (AIG Life Insurance) review 2016

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AIG Life Insurance Company
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